About Me

Hello stranger, my name is Vincent. I am a student learning Front-End Web Development at BCIT. Lets see what I'm working on!

#Country Project


#Business Brochure

HTML5 | SCSS | jQuery | Javascript


#Javascript Game

jQuery | Javascript

How to play

  • Left & Right Arrow Keys to Move
  • A = Ice Bolt
  • S = Fireball
  • D = Tornado
  • F = Curse
  • 1 = Health Potion
  • 2 = Strength Potion (Increases melee base damage)
  • 3 = Magic Potion (Increases magic base damage)
  • Defeat Lord Kronus


  • Enter Limbo if youre on the brink of giving up!
  • Use all available potions
  • Maintain an HP above 7000pt (Kronus' max damage = 7000pt at random)
  • Use melee attack when multiplier is high
  • Keep Attacking! As the game progresses your base damage increases (with potions) as well as Kronus's HP
  • View at 1920 x 1080 (Adjust Browser zoom)

Basic Form Validation

My own little project with secure form validation, cookies and PHP.